Mormons Believe… What?!


Mormons Believe… What?!

Fact and Fiction About a Rising Religion


With two Mormons running for the Republican presidential nomination and a popular Broadway musical drawing extra attention to a fast-growing religion, America is having what Newsweek calls a “Mormon moment.” This Mormon moment, as might be expected, has accelerated the buzz of rumors and claims about this increasingly visible religion. In his new book, “Mormons Believe … What?!  Fact and Fiction About a Rising Religion,” pollster Gary Lawrence answers 24 of these criticisms and does it with a sense of humor.

“I wrote the book,” Dr. Lawrence explains, “for the curious person who has heard various claims about Mormonism and wants to know ‘just enough’ about it to be an adequately informed citizen.  I wanted to make it comfortable enough so that someone unacquainted with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints could learn about Mormons without feeling preached to.”

At turns properly serious, candidly informative, and unexpectedly entertaining, the book also includes results from a national public opinion poll about Mormons, politics, their image, and the extent to which their fellow Americans share or do not share their beliefs.

Mormons Believe … What?! is a timely and entertaining guidebook about who Mormons are and the reasoning behind their beliefs.  It’s a clear and stimulating read.

Here are a few of the questions Gary Lawrence answers:

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  • Polygamy?  Yes we did and no we don’t.
  • Christians?  Why would we claim to be the original of something if we’re not at least the something?
  • Power?  The LDS Church does not seek political power. Besides, how could a church that has both Harry Reid and Glenn Beck as devout members ever agree on a strategy?
  • False prophets?  Yes, the Bible says there will be false prophets. We believe that implies there must also be true prophets.
  • Heaven?  We do not believe we can work our way into heaven. Nor, at the other extreme, do we believe in E-Z Pass grace.
  • Ministry?  Ask a Mormon bishop his occupation and you will never hear the word bishop.
  • Government?  The First Amendment is clear: no state church with both miter and gavel, and keep government’s mitts off religious activities.
  • Weird beliefs?  No more so than our belief that Jesus Christ raised the dead, walked on water, turned water into wine, and healed lepers, the blind, and the deaf.